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Pony rides

Blueberry, Filou and Mandy – our three ponies – quickly become close friends of all the kids.

Throughout summer season, children participating in our childcare program at the Stegerhof also get to enjoy pony rides at our miniature farm.

But before the kids swing up onto the saddle, they will first get to know the animals. They will learn how to look after them and treat them with kindness. Once the ice has been broken, so to speak, Blueberry, Filou and Mandy will become a big highlight of everyone's family vacation.

* Filou, Mandy and Blue­berry - three pon­ies the kids will quick­ly fall in love with.

Pony rides are only includ­ed as part of child­care ac­ti­vi­ties.

Filou, Mandy and Blueberry take us out on rides in summer as well as in winter.

Pony rides at kid-friendly Hotel Stegerhof
Pony rides at kid-friendly Hotel Stegerhof

So,, what do Filou and friends like to eat best of all ?

Other activities

Holidays filled with new and exciting experiences – for the whole family, no matter what the time of year.

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