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Hunting for garnets with your family

Hunting for carbuncles together in Donnersbachwald, children and their parents are certain to have no end of fun.

Where can they be found? Our outdoor guides will lead you on this treasure hunt. They know all of the best spots, so you are guaranteed to find the garnets you seek.

Back at the hotel afterwards, we will even show you how to grind down these minerals to bring them to full sparkling effect.

Your hunt for garnets is certain to be one of those special highlights of your family holiday.

*A mineral-hunting expedition, followed by polishing the garnets you have found, is included automatically as part of your stay.

For families in July and August
1 x weekly

free of charge

Hunting for minerals at Hotel Stegerhof
Mineral hunting at Hotel Stegerhof

Please sign up at the reception desk the evening before.

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